Wednesday, December 1, 2010


There is rarely a time when I am not without my camera. When I look at someone or something all I can think about is how I have to capture THAT moment. 

It's seeing the way people look at eachother, smile, or laugh so hard their head rolls back. A child's innocent or mischievous eyes. A wedding with so much detail it blows my mind. The way the ocean looks during a storm. The way the light changes over the bay when the seasons begins to change. 

Flipping Yankee Fan

Money Maker

It's beginning to look alot like Winter (winter 2009)
My style is constantly changing. Maybe that is why I am always in aww of everyones else's style. I am not really sure how this blog will go, but for right now my thoughts and ideas are all about showcasing the people/places/things that keep me going. 
My Pops. A salty poet. A spiritual man. He is the kind of dad that drives you nuts, but in a good way. 

So please check-in now and then and see if I like your style!!! 


  1. Great start congrats. Open, honest, and fun Thank you

  2. Terrific, Emily - great shots;strong voice. Keep it coming.