Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 My brother Seamus works on some of the coolest, bad-ass, some might say craziest tv shows and movies EVER!!!. He is lucky enough to have worked on shows like NITRO-CIRCUS, and the world famous JACKASS. I have no clue how he got so lucky. He gets to travel all around the world hanging with world class athletes, well Travis Pastrana is pretty world class, Steve-well...hhhmm.. maybe not an athlete but some would say world class something.
Anyways, Seamus really never brags about what he does. He is pretty humble about it. That is until my 7 year old nephew NEMO got his first motocross bike for his birthday. A REAL SUZUKI 50 MOTO-BIKE!!! It is AWESOME. So Seamus pulled some strings and got Nemo,his dad, myself, and my other brother Ethan tickets to see a motocross contest last friday night. Nemo's eyes are huge enough, so you can only imagine how big they got as he watched Matt Buyten doing back flips and super-mans. It was truly one of the best nights in a long time with the men in my life. Now if only I can get Seamus to take me to the DC MOUNTAIN LAB...then well he will really be the best brother.

Seb, Nemo, and Ethan

Nemo waving his jackass flag
Captain Morgan Man

Now don't forget that I am just learning how to take photos. This was my first time taking any shots, (let alone action shots) in-doors. The lighting was difficult to get down and it all happens so fast. So any advice you can give would be beyond helpful. I was enjoying every second with my camera. I think I took hundreds of photos. These where just a few.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Madness...

Sorry for the long delay ..... but like most of you I was busy with the holidays.
This year I had one of the best christmas weeks in a long long time. Minus missing my brother and sister-in-law. It all started with BAKING COOKIES!!! Side note I can hardly boil water. The kitchen to me is just for where I store the wine. However this year I am trying to get over my fear of the oven. So with some much needed coaching from my very dear friend Elspeth Hay (Diary of a Locavor, and featured in post the UnHeated Barn Wedding) she made it seem SOOO easy and Fun. There was wine, beer and exploding champers.
Grams sugar cookies

the 1 legged ginger man

just a few of the cookies

Then it was christmas!! Christmas with my boyfriend Ethan's family is very special. Ethan lost his amazing father to cancer 2 years ago 2 days before christmas. So its a day full of family love, especially now that Baby Andrew is around. It is always a great day. Here are the Uncles with Baby Andrew.
Uncle E

Uncle Trav

Then we were off to Loon Mt for some snowboarding, hot tubbing, games and lifting spirits bright!! we had a blast.
Super trainer

flashing shades

Cape Codders on the loose

So although there are only a few shots of the week, I hope I gave you a small snapshot into my holiday season. I don't believe in New Years Resolutions, however I am going to try and make it my Goal to update more often.

I hope everyone had a great holiday...just think only about 4 months till SPRING!!!