Monday, April 4, 2011


Ya Ya its been a LONG time since my last post. It has also been a long winter. However it is NOW Spring!!! what what!!! I am sad that the snow is gone (although having just gone to Maine this past weekend for 1 last shred mission Bethel would disagree) the Sun is out till past 6, and my beach days are getting closer. I am starting to feel motivated.

Until I can afford a smaller camera that I can just keep in my bag, I went and got an IPhone to try and capture the moments. I REFUSE to become a person that just uses the IPhone with the cool apps, even though it is slightly addicting. However this winter was a winter of some firsts.

First was finally getting to go to Colorado!!! I have never seen mountains so big, snow so fresh, trails so wide, sun so strong, air so thin, people so pretty, food so yummy, and drinks so delicious. I am lucky enough to have a friend who lives the life.She lives here in Wellfleet in the summer, and Vail/Beaver Creek in the winter! can't get any better.I sent her a message and told her make room I am coming out! So myself, Elspeth (Diary of a Locavore) her husband Alex, my brother from another mother Corey, KC, and the famous actor Adam had a time to remember.
My friend Corey is an amazing photographer. So when he and I were walking down these train tracks, we both stopped and said "photo session"... the came out pretty cool. Part of me feels that they would have had more depth if they were taken with a "real camera" not a phone. But non the less I thought I would share them.

There were a TON amazing shots through out the whole 5 days, these last 2 just captured my favorites. 
View from Lunch...

always and forever a cowgirl...
The next photos capture the winter.



 I am a big goal setter. With that said my first goal of spring is to get my butt out there and take some dang photos. If you have any hints on what kind of smaller but AFFORDABLE camera that still takes high grade photos, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! 


  1. Love the photo of me! I realize the kid got in the way but you can edit her out.

  2. awesome pics! Keep em comin! : )