Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is it. Its 2013 and I am starting over. I have decided to turn my blog into more of my as Oprah would say "MY FAVORITE THINGS!!" . This past year has been exciting, overwhelming, motivational, and most importantly it has been life changing.SHOOT I GOT MARRIED.
I figured why not try and write, publish all the things I am obsessed with, not only through my lens, but through others.
However to just get back into the habit here are just a few of my favorite photos of 2012.
MY Wedding Day
I was in really great shape then.....

Right before teaching my first TRX class I am a huge snowboarding fan. I am kinda to the point of awkward. I think I follow every female rider there is. Burton Girls beat me to the punch and started a girls website on snowboarding/travel/health&beauty/style&culture/apres , I of course found them on instagram and was luck enough to have my mug shot on their favorite fall things. SO THIS MADE ME WANT MORE!!

My Brother Ethan and I having a great day at this years Wellfleet Oysterfest
The Skim Board King Nemo

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